The Voice Live Streaming – How To Watch Tonight

The Voice Live Stream

It’s getting close to crunch time with The Battles on The Voice. Use the box below to see how to watch tonight.

The Voice is back on NBC with the Season Premiere for Night 1 and Night 2 on Monday night and Tuesday night respectively, September 23rd and 24th. Check out the premieres and all episodes available right here with live streaming.

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The Voice is back and fans can’t wait to get more of the incredible talent and excitement. There are always new shows in the Fall Season and this year is no different. However, The Voice will still anchor an exciting new season of live TV. Don’t miss the blog, final, finale, or top choices all season long.

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The Voice of TV brought a host of celebrities to the forefront, and several contestants came out looking like “champagne.” But how did the Voice TV Show winners end up on top? Where does Kelly Clarkson rank among them?

For many fans, Kelly Clarkson has been a “god,” a living “godsend” of music, but when it comes to acting, Kelly Clarkson falls short. Just because you want to be the next Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, and are blessed with the perfect face and body, it doesn’t mean you have the ability to perform in front of a live audience.

Although, Kelly Clarkson may seem like a physical goddess, that isn’t the case; there are plenty of others that look much better than Kelly Clarkson. It may seem easy for her to win the show, but it will take some luck and a good vocal coach to help her accomplish such a feat.

But, she does have some advantage over the other contenders, she’s not one of those women that “can’t sing,” she’s a talented singer, but she needs to be taught how to sound like an artist instead of just a girl. Most of the contenders had a reality TV show going on for years, and the challenge was to stand out from the crowd.

Who is the most successful voice winner in the history of the show? Well, the answer is quite obvious, the one with the most music, and most people wanted her, as a Canadian, she’s the only person that truly deserves the title.

The person that has won more TV show shows than any other woman, is the Canadian singer Kelly Clarkson. This is a status that has caused many of her fans to seek a career as a professional singer, or sellout to some of the bigger name stars that have come to Hollywood.

It wasn’t until Nick Jonas made his TV debut, that other contestants became a competition. A fan of Jonas, one of his most prized possessions is a Kelly Clarkson solo CD, and he’d watch the show with it on at all times. This led to Kelly Clarkson winning the title of “Top Voice Winner” for the first time and becoming the ultimate “pop princess.”

Kelly Clarkson didn’t stop there, she created her own radio show for the week and was the first one called “Kelly Clarkson’s Canada Morning.” She then went on to become the first singer to ever bring Canada music to a popular American radio station.

When you ruin was the champion, she joined her husband country star Keith Urban to form a duo and toured with them around the United States. Some fans of Kelly Clarkson would try to emulate their success, and add a little bit of “pop diva” to their singing careers.

Who are the people that she is closest to, at this point in her life? Well, Kelly Clarkson will be the best friend of Kim Cattrall, whose daughter Kelly also took care of.

When Kelly Clarkson first left her home in Scarborough, Ontario to tour the world with coz ruin, she left her loyal “baby-daddy” Kim Cattrall behind. With fans clamoring for her to return to Scarborough, where Kelly grew up, the singer obliged, and built a friendship with her “back-up mommy.”

There’s no doubt Kelly Clarkson still has some work to do before she could hope to be considered among the top singing superstars. But, by honing her skills in television, she’s earned a spot amongst the “Top Voice Winners” of all time.

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