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So we all know the South Park, well, the creators of South Park has been into animation for many years now. And with that came an animated TV show. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have made a lot of movies, so it makes sense that they would make a TV show. Matt Stone is also known as the voice actor for one of the main characters in the television show South Park. The type of comedy pushes the edge, kind of like The Book Of Mormon does.

But who is Trey Parker? Well, Trey Parker is a writer, producer, and director.

In Trey Parker’s episode, the movie South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut, Trey and his wife had a baby girl. The baby, named Tiana, was born with a hole in her throat. This was the cause of the birth of the movie’s lead character, Mr. Garrison.

Trey Parker once said, “When I was working on Bigger Longer and Uncut, I asked Tom Hanks to come up with a character as the cutie who helps me write the script. Tom came up with Nye the Plumber.

Tom Hanks saw how we used this concept and made his own version of a yellow teacher called Nye The Plumber. Tom Hanks had a cameo in the movie of course.”

Jefrey MacDonald, who is an actor, musician, and a person from the UK, plays the role of Mr. Garrison in the television show. He also plays the role of Garrison’s brother Ike in the South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut movie. He played the part well.

His role in the TV show, as Mr. Garrison, was seen by many children as a role model. Trey Parker, who was the writer and director, realized this because his daughter saw Mr. Garrison on a show and he thought it was the most like the role model he had ever seen.

In the DVD of the television show, the episode A Very Merry Christmas, Trey Parker invited John Range to the special Christmas party. John Range, a British actor, was thrilling to attend the party. He went as Santa.

Trey Parker became the president of the South Park Creators’ Guild of America. This was his first time to have his name on the guild’s background.

Trey Parker also co-founded a charity called South Park Children’s Foundation. This charity works with the United Nations, Haiti Earthquake relief efforts, and other organizations for children and their education.

All in all, if you love cartoons and kids, this is a show you should be watching. Kids are always fun to watch. You can see Trey Parker’s other movies, such as: Garfield and Mad, with his wife and daughter.

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