Cheap Flights To Boston

Cheap Flights To Boston

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Logan Airport Boston

Logan Airport is located in “Eastie” and situated right across from downtown Boston and the heart of the city. Finding a cheap flight to Boston and Logan Airport is very easy. Visitors can then very seamlessly find concerts in Boston or art museums in Boston and other great things to do. You can also check our RedSox tickets or Celtics tickets or whatever you desire. Employees in Logan International Airport yesterday appealed to require airport subcontractors to enhance working conditions, citing children since their tasks do not include days left home and paychecks which don’t cover their bills. Over 30 luggage handlers, security guards, customer support agents, and neighborhood organizers attended the public comment period, the first to occur in a Massport board meeting, to explore the working requirements of over 1, 500 contracted passenger service employees at Logan, none of whom are utilized by Massport. Virtually all them get no benefits and earn $8 to $9 per hour, according to the service workers union, SEIU Local 615.

Some say they string together multiple tasks to create a complete time salary. Maria Barros, 60, said she’s worked in the airport for 14 years on per subcontractor’s payroll, in tasks which vary from checkpoint security to customer support. During that time her wages have fallen from $16 to $9. These pay cuts have made it hard for me to cover my mortgage and the bills, stated Barros, who added her 25 year-old son helps her purchase groceries and auto insurance. Barros functions for G2 Secure Staff, which, in the airport, is used by airlines together with other companies like the contractors in question. 

But officials in SEIU Local 615, which is advising the employees, stated this as the airports landlord, Massport can demand contracting companies to maintain certain work standards. Massport officials stated the authority would look into whether it’s suitable for a landlord to become involved with employee employer associations, and how it’d be regulated. Youve got per commitment from this board this we’ll investigate what you have brought to us, said Massport president Richard Davey. We’ll see what we may do with the subcontractors, knowing that even though they do not work directly for Massport, to your point, we’re a public body as well and will need to consider what we may do to assist you. 

G2, based in Texas, didn’t return a call seeking comment. Yocelin Ratchell, 46, who functions part time for G2 helping clients who’ve lost bags, said she doesn’t get paid ill time and has to make a hard decision when her 12 year old daughter is ill. I’ve to leave her by herself, she said, or send her to school with medication tucked in her book bag. The SEIU says it’s helping airport contract workers across the country fight for much better pay and working requirements and secure union representation.