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“This Is Us” stars Kevin Dunn as Kevin Corrigan and timelines his journey across the United States after his parents split up. On one level, you probably had an idea that this was supposed to be the final goodbye to Kevin and Serena from their long marriage. You saw how Serena felt when she and Kevin got together, so it was only natural that the final scene of the episode was Kevin getting an apology from his mom for being mean to her in the past. Then, you saw how Kevin felt after his mom left him, so it all made sense. You saw how Serena felt when she saw her son again (in the beginning of the episode), so it was only natural that they would go on a mission to reunite with each other. But what exactly happened?

Well, I’m not going to give too much away because the entire plot line of the show is so good. However, I will tell you that the writers pulled off an amazing episode of television by creating a conflict between Kevin and Serena that viewers are invested in. It wasn’t just one sided, the two personalities from both families had a real fight that nearly ripped the show apart.

In the opening scene of the last episode, we saw that Kevin was at home trying to work out a plan to get back with Serena, but he kept running into obstacles. He told Serena he loved her, which made her extremely happy. However, the truth was that Serena was also happy. They both just needed some time to let the other one go. Their love for each other did not go away, but it became more important than ever to both of them.

The writers kept the intensity of their relationship up until the end of the show. Everyone involved has great chemistry together. It’s like a real family. There were so many moments that showed the passion and happiness that every fan of this show wants to experience. This is the best story line that I have seen on television.

Everyone is so happy that the two got back together. It shows that there is love still in their relationship. I don’t know how everyone else feels about this show made me cry. It made me feel really good to see everyone in such a beautiful scene.

I’m going to be honest and say that the whole writers’ room was very tight. Everyone pitched in their thoughts and what they wanted the ending to be. There was a lot of love and compassion shown throughout the entire season. Each character was given a story line that was relevant to him or her story.

Everyone just loves Mike! Everyone is so happy with his return to the show. I’m not sure if he feels the same way but the writers made it clear that his love for Jessica is real and won’t fade. It will definitely strengthen their bond and make their relationship even stronger. The whole story line of “This is Us” is about family.

Everyone in this show got to say how they felt about the characters they had worked so hard to develop. Everyone was able to tell you their story. It was great to hear and relive the experiences they had with the characters they were working on. This is Us is a show that anyone can relate to and watch. No matter how old you are there will be something that you will understand. It has a universal meaning, because it is about family.

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