Sunday’s A Drag – Starlight Room

Sunday’s A Drag Brunch Starlight Room TICKETS

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Curran Theatre

Orpheum Theatre


Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

War Memorial Opera House

Chase Center

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San Francisco Drag Queen Brunches and Events

The Golden Gate city is known for being incredibly LGBTQIA inclusive. However, what one may not know is the number of drag queens it is home to. If you’re interested in witnessing a drag show in San Francisco, you have an array of options available to you –

  • Peaches Christ at The Castro Theater – Peaches Christ is a campy reenactment of moments from iconic gay films by drag queens.
  • Aunt Charlie’s Lounge – Aunt Charlie’s Lounge serves up a warm slice of queer history of the San Fran area, along with its regular pub grub. There are nightly drag queen shows on offer, which change every night. The drag queens here can inform you about all the trials and fads the community has been subject to, ever since the pub opened.
  • Drag Diva Brunch – The Drag Diva Brunch is a brunch event with a star caste of all drag queens. The theme for the brunch changes now and then. The brunch is held in an assortment of venues.
  • Diva Royale – The Diva Royale Drag Queen Event depicts a chat show between a drag queen host and a drag queen celebrity impersonator. It advertises itself as the ultimate drag dining event. The Diva Royale event is usually held over the weekends.

San Francisco Tourist Attractions
Construction on San Francisco’s most famous landmark began in 1933 and cost 35 million dollars by the time it opened. The Golden Gate Bridge is of course a major tourist attraction in San Francisco. There are also wonderful art museums in San Francisco and San Francisco Bus Tours as well that people can consider when they visit SF. The bridge neither collapsed in an earth quake nor proved to be a white elephant. What it did was change the Bay area’s economic life, encouraging the development of regions north of San Francisco, California, and providing a symbol of hope when widespread unemployment afflicted the country. Though it’s frequently windy and cold, walking even a short distance on the span is among the best way to experience the immense scale of the structure. To cross on foot, as millions do every year, you can either park in the lot at the base of the bridge on the city side or venture out from Marin’s Windows Vista Point, at the bridge’s northern end, which affords probably the most famous urban vistas in the world.

Spend a sunny day lying on the grass along JFK Drive, have a very good read in the William Shakespeare Garden, stroll around Stow Lake, or check out the M.H. De Young Museum’s magnificent new home and you’ll understand the allure. The Park is composed of hundreds of gardens and attractions connected by wooded paths and roads. Has infinite hidden treasures, beyond its immediate appeal, so do your first stop the McLaren Lodge and Park Headquarters for a detailed overview of information. The best gardens among a few, are the Rose Garden, Rhododendron Dell, the Strybing Arboretum, the Conservatory of Flowers, and at the western edge in spring, the thousands of tulips and daffodils around the Dutch Windmill. 

The park also contains recreational facilities like tennis courts, playing fields for soccer, polo and baseball, a golf course, fly casting pools, and riding stables. World’s Best Tourist Attractions.