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If you’re a music lover and appreciate art, then you’ll definitely want to know about the upcoming BAM’s Fest Music Soul Festival. This festival is one of Boston’s largest arts events that celebrates brown artists from all over the world. It takes place on June 11th at Franklin Park in Boston and features live performances, vendors, and live art.

In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into the unique aspects of BAM’s Fest Music Soul Festival and provide tips for making the most out of your experience at one of Boston’s largest arts events. This post will examine the background of BAM’s Fest, display some of the accomplished musicians playing at the event, explain how it helps local people and give advice for getting the best out of your time there.

So whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or new to attending outdoor events like these, keep reading to learn more about what you can expect from BAM’s Fest Music Soul Festival.

Table of Contents:

Introduction to BAMS Fest

BAMS Fest is an annual event that celebrates Black and brown entrepreneurship through music, dance, arts and local businesses. Founded in 2018 by Catherine T. Morris, the festival has worked with over 500 artists of color and connected Boston artists with 150 companies. This year’s BAMS Fest will take place on August 21st at Franklin Park in Dorchester, MA and showcase an array of talented performers such as Rapsody, Kamaiyah and Jidenna alongside a selection of food vendors providing vegan options for adults 21+. The event will feature performances from some of the best emerging talent as well as established acts such as Rapsody, Kamaiyah and Jidenna. There will also be a variety of vendors offering food options for all tastes including vegan dishes and drinks for adults 21+.

Our Hip-Hop Is Fine Art Campaign is geared towards inspiring youth to express themselves artistically through hip-hop culture. Meanwhile, Reclaiming Franklin Park offers a grassroots effort in reviving the beauty of this historic park with art installations and public programming. In the Kid’s Zone, little ones can have fun with interactive activities such as face painting and games while their parents get a chance to explore the rest of BAMS Fest or participate in workshops led by visual artists.

At BAMS Fest we believe it is important to celebrate black artistry not only because it allows us to reclaim spaces but also because it gives voice to those whose stories have been silenced or ignored throughout history. We hope that you join us in supporting these emerging talents while enjoying everything else BAMS Fest has to offer.

BAMS Fest is an electrifying experience for people of all ages, featuring a broad range of artists and activities. Event Details provides further information about the date & time, performers, hosts, dance classes and visual artists at this year’s festival.

Key Takeaway: BAMS Fest is an event that celebrates black and brown entrepreneurship through art, music, dance, and food. Gather to witness the underrepresented narratives of tomorrow’s stars and celebrate their creativity at BAMS Fest. Join us at Franklin Park on August 21st as we celebrate this inspiring initiative.

Event Details

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary music festival, where you can enjoy performances from neo-soul duo Kindred the Family Soul and local black and queer hip-hop artist Oompa, as well as five dance classes with refreshments in a beer garden. With two stages hosting nineteen acts, including neo-soul duo Kindred the Family Soul and local black and queer hip-hop artist Oompa, hosted by Corey Manning with DJ SavSoul and DJ Slick Vick spinning tracks all day long, plus five dance classes available for attendees along with visual artists showcasing their work throughout Vendor Village which features over thirty black- or brown-owned businesses selling food trucks or souvenirs while a beer garden offers refreshments to quench your thirst – this one’s sure to be a hit. Keywords: Music Festival, Neo Soul Duo, Hip Hop Artist, Dance Classes, Visual Artists

The event details provide an in-depth look into the various performers, hosts, dance classes and visual artists that will be featured at Bams Fest. Now, it’s time to examine the importance of its locale more closely.

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Location Significance

Franklin Park is an iconic location for the BAMS Fest – Music and Soul Festival. The park has been a hub of cultural arts in Boston’s Black and brown communities since Elma Lewis founded her School Of Fine Arts within it decades ago. This year’s BAMS Fest – Music and Soul Festival is especially momentous, being the first major event to occur in Franklin Park in quite some time.

The park itself serves as an important symbol for those who have called Boston home over the years, especially its minority populations. It holds memories that many cherish and will be celebrated at this year’s festival with performances from some of today’s top artists, hosts, dance classes, and visual artists.

June 11th will mark a special day for music lovers throughout New England when Franklin Park comes alive with live art displays by local talent along with musical acts like Cardi B, Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals, Common Kings & DJ Tedsmooth. There’ll also be spoken word performances from renowned poets such as Joshua Bennett and Jamila Woods among others – making this one-day event something you won’t want to miss.

Franklin Park serves as a symbol of the power of unity, demonstrating how people can unite to honor their heritage through music, artistry and performance. With so much talent on display during this year’s BAMS Fest — Music & Soul Festival—it promises to be an unforgettable experience full of positive energy that all attendees are sure to enjoy.

The location of Bams Fest is significant as it allows attendees to enjoy the atmosphere and scenery while taking part in all that the festival has to offer. So, what kind of vendors and cuisine can visitors anticipate encountering at Bams Fest?

Key Takeaway: This June, Franklin Park is set to become the epicenter of culture and music as BAMS Fest — Music & Soul Festival—takes over. Featuring performances from some of today’s hottest artists like Cardi B and Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals alongside spoken word acts such as Joshua Bennett, this one-day event will surely be a spectacle that attendees won’t want to miss. So come on down for an unforgettable experience full of positive vibes.

Vendors & Food Options

Vendors & Food Options at BAMS Fest are plentiful and sure to please any palate. The Vendor Village is filled with soul food vendors, street art cuisine, and plenty of drinks from the beer garden for refreshment.

Attendees can anticipate a selection of savory delights, from classic soul food such as collards and mac & cheese to more modern twists on traditional comfort foods like vegan tacos and veggie burgers. Vendors in the Village will have a variety of delectable treats, from ice cream sandwiches and funnel cakes to cotton candy and gourmet popcorn. Whether you’re looking for something savory or sweet there’s something for everyone in the Vendor Village.

No matter what your preference is, you’ll find something to quench your thirst in the beer garden at BAMS Fest. Craft beers, wines, ciders, hard seltzers, kombucha tea cocktails and more are available as well as non-alcoholic options such as soda pop floats made with local craft sodas or cold brew coffee slushies perfect for cooling off on hot summer days.

The Vendors & Food Options provide a great variety of delicious food and drinks to suit everyone’s tastes. Moving on, the Kid’s Zone is an exciting area for children to explore with plenty of fun activities.

Come to #BAMSFest for delicious food, craft beers & more. Enjoy traditional soul food favorites, vegan tacos, gourmet popcorn & cold brew coffee slushies. #FoodieFestival Click to Tweet

Kid’s Zone

The BAMS Fest Kid’s Zone is a place where children can have fun and explore their creative side. The Kid’s Zone at BAMS Fest provides a range of exciting activities for kids, such as music, art-making, face painting and more. This dedicated area for young festival goers is designed to be an interactive learning experience that encourages creativity in the youngest generation.

Music plays an important role in the kid’s zone at BAMS Fest with live performances from local artists as well as educational workshops about various musical instruments. Kids will also get to learn how to play different instruments like drums, keyboards or guitars. At BAMS Fest, the opportunity to interact with various musical instruments will no doubt encourage many children who may not have had prior exposure or access to music.

The arts and crafts section of the kid’s zone provides plenty of opportunities for imaginative play through activities such as paper mache, clay sculpting and puppet making. Face painting is also available so kids can express themselves through art on their own faces. These activities allow children to let their imaginations run wild while creating something unique they can take home with them after the event has ended.

At BAMS Fest, we believe that education should be fun and accessible for all ages. This is why we strive to create engaging environments like our kid’s zone where everyone can come together and learn something new about music, art or culture in general. We hope you join us this year at Franklin Park for some family friendly fun at BAMS Fest.

The Kid’s Zone is a great place for children to have fun and explore the many activities available at Bams Fest. Reclaiming Franklin Park gives festival-goers an opportunity to enjoy the park in its natural beauty, with plenty of attractions and entertainment along the way.

Key Takeaway: At BAMS Fest, we offer an exciting and enlightening atmosphere for children to discover their artistic potential through activities such as musical acts, art projects, face painting and more. We invite families of all ages to join us at Franklin Park this year for an unforgettable experience filled with learning opportunities that will spark imaginations.

Reclaiming Franklin Park

BAMS Fest is a no-cost, two-day occurrence occurring on June 11th and 12th in Franklin Park. The festival was created by Boston native and Brown University graduate Toni Morris to bring the city together for an expression of black joy. With this event, Morris hopes to reclaim Franklin Park as a safe space for black artistry.

This year’s lineup features performances from both local and national acts such as Big Freedia, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Leon Bridges, Koffee and more. There will also be live painting sessions with artists like Tatyana Fazlalizadeh who has made waves around the world with her “Stop Telling Women To Smile” project which uses public street art to fight against gender based street harassment. Dance classes led by experts in various styles including Afrobeatz & Hip Hop are available throughout the weekend too.

The goal of BAMS Fest is not only to provide entertainment but also to create meaningful dialogue between attendees about social issues affecting their communities today. This includes topics such as police brutality, education reform and economic disparities among African Americans in America today. All these conversations are meant to encourage attendees to take actionable steps towards making positive change within their own lives or those of others around them through community building activities at the park grounds during the event itself or beyond it afterwards if desired.

So come join us at BAMS Fest 2023, where we plan on reclaiming our patch of grass (or pavement) one beat at a time. Enjoy delicious dishes from different parts of Africa and other international cuisines available for purchase outside the park gates so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything else happening elsewhere.

Reclaiming Franklin Park has been a monumental effort to honor the legacy of black artistry in our city. The importance of this movement cannot be overstated, and it is only right that we celebrate its success by showcasing emerging talent alongside established acts at Bams Fest.

Key Takeaway: BAMS Fest 2023 is a free, two-day event that promises to be the ultimate expression of black joy in Franklin Park. Attendees can look forward to top tier performances from local and international acts, engaging conversations about social issues impacting their communities as well as delicious dishes from different parts of Africa and other cuisines available for purchase outside the park gates.

The Importance Of Black Artistry

The importance of Black artistry is undeniable, and BAMS Fest is the perfect platform to showcase its power. Emerging talent from all genres will be given a stage to shine, with established acts leading the way. Jazz giant Jonathan Suazo, hip-hop champion Jazzmyn RED, Americana artist Naomi Westwater along with SWV and D Smoke are just some of the names that will grace the festival’s stages.

For emerging artists in particular, BAMS Fest offers an opportunity for them to gain recognition on a larger scale. Paul Willis’s “Wonderland” album was inspired by MBTA bus stops in Boston which he will perform at BAMS Fest on Saturday – this provides an excellent example of how local musicians can take their music beyond city limits and get noticed by wider audiences. We should never discount the potential of undiscovered artists, nor overlook those who have yet to make it big but are still making a splash within their local scenes.

In addition to providing exposure for new artists, BAMS Fest also encourages appreciation for those who have been around longer; those whose hard work has made them into household names today. The festival celebrates not only their successes but also acknowledges the struggles they faced along the way – highlighting both sides of success stories so people can better understand what it takes to achieve greatness in any field regardless of race or background.

BAMS Festival allows us to recognize both old and new talents alike while creating space for dialogue about how Black artistry continues to shape our culture today – something we should always strive towards celebrating no matter where you come from or what genre you’re passionate about.

The value of African-American creativity is beyond measure, with the potential to bring together people from all backgrounds. By providing interactive workshops and classes for a variety of topics such as dance, visual arts, and hip-hop campaigns, Bams Fest allows us to celebrate our culture in an accessible way.

Key Takeaway: BAMS Fest is an amazing platform to celebrate Black artistry and emerging talent, with established acts paving the way. BAMS Fest provides a chance to recognize up-and-coming talent and honor those who have achieved success, demonstrating that dedication leads to rewards.

Interactive Workshops & Classes

BAMS Fest offers a variety of interactive workshops and classes for attendees to enjoy. From dance classes to visual art, there is something for everyone. Dance classes are available throughout Vendor Village where attendees can learn Afro-diasporic styles from leading local choreographers. The experience will leave you feeling energized and inspired by the movement and music. Visual artists are also showcasing their work all around, giving viewers an opportunity to appreciate unique pieces in person.

Willis has also launched his campaign called “Hip-Hop Is Fine Art,” created specifically with teachers in mind so they may use it during lessons covering various topics such as history or culture studies involving hip hop music which holds deep roots within many communities worldwide today. This campaign seeks to educate people on the importance of recognizing hip hop as a legitimate form of artistry that deserves recognition alongside other genres like jazz, classical, etc., while also highlighting emerging talent through live performances at BAMS Fest events.

Attendees will have the opportunity to absorb priceless insights from renowned professionals in the field who possess years of experience, providing an unrivaled educational chance not available anywhere else. Therefore, don’t miss out on your chance to join us at BAMS Fest and take part in these amazing interactive workshops & classes.

Come join us at BAMS Fest and learn about hip-hop as a legitimate form of artistry from leading industry professionals. #HipHopIsFineArt #BAMSFest Click to Tweet

FAQs in Relation to Bams Fest

When is Bams Fest taking place?

Bams Fest is an annual music festival taking place in the summer. It typically takes place over a weekend and features a variety of musical acts from around the world. This year, Bams Fest will be held on July 23rd-25th at various venues throughout the city. Visitors to Bams Fest can anticipate a weekend of entertainment, with renowned musicians performing live and additional amenities such as food, beverages, art displays, and more.

What types of events are included in Bams Fest?

Bams Fest is an online event platform that offers a wide range of activities, events and concerts. It includes music festivals, theatre performances, sports games, art exhibitions and more. Users can quickly search for tickets to their preferred occasions or look through the schedule to find out what’s happening in their locale. Additionally they can view seating maps and charts so they know exactly what the view from their seat will be like before buying tickets. Bams Fest also provides live streaming options for those who cannot attend in person as well as exclusive deals on select tickets.

Where can I buy tickets for Bams Fest?

Bam’s Fest tickets can be purchased from the official website, Tickets can be purchased from, as well as various ticket outlets such as Ticketmaster and Live Nation venues; prices vary accordingly. Costs can vary based on seat availability and event location; visit the website for further info or contact their customer service line to get answers regarding ticket purchases.

Are there any discounts available for attending Bams Fest?

Yes, discounts are available for attending Bams Fest. You can find discounted tickets through various ticketing websites and services. Some venues provide discounts on tickets bought ahead of time or at the event’s entrance. Investigate the web for potential bargains or offers prior to buying your ticket. You may also want to check with your local tourist office for any special discounts or packages they offer.

Is there a live streaming option for the events at Bams Fest?

Yes, Bams Fest offers live streaming options for its events. All attendees have the ability to watch their favorite performances from anywhere in the world with a strong internet connection. The festival also provides access to a variety of seating maps and charts so that users can get an idea of what view they will have from their seat before purchasing tickets. Furthermore, a comprehensive schedule of upcoming events allows attendees to stay abreast of all the happenings in their vicinity.


As BAMS Fest comes to a close, it is clear that this event has been successful in reclaiming Franklin Park and celebrating black artistry. From the vendors offering soul food to the interactive workshops & classes teaching attendees about music production, there was something for everyone at this festival. The Kid’s Zone provided an opportunity for children of all ages to learn more about their culture through fun activities. With DJ Slick Vick and DJ Bobby Bangers providing great tunes throughout the day, we can confidently say that this year’s bams fest was a success.

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BAMS Fest 2023

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Live music, art, vendors, food, come out and have fun and support the community.

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