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Like many NCIS TV shows, NCIS: Mark Harmon begins with the first day of duty. As agents and operatives of the CIA, agents on this series have had ample time to become familiar with their characters, while in real life, the FBI Agents is rarely used to having an orientation of the mission that they will be responsible for carrying out. In order to better prepare their agents for the challenges of the workplace, it is usually imperative that a team of agents to be formed to work in a dummy operation to familiarize each other with the task at hand.

The premise of the show is that a unit of agents is set up by the United States Secret Service to carry out the duties of an agent. This group of agents is called the Mark Harmon Unit. This is essentially a dummy organization that are used for training purposes and as a part of basic training. By becoming familiar with the role that is being performed, agents become more adept in taking on that role in real life.

As a viewer of NCIS: Mark Harmon, you will learn that there are five different locations that have been chosen for the Mark Harmon Unit training. However, there is only one actual live facility that has been constructed for the training exercises. In fact, there is only one set of characters on this series to train at. This allows for a more effective simulation of training scenarios in real life.

In addition to using a dummy agency for the purpose of training, the same elements that are used on the NCIS TV show are also used in real life. On this series, the potential agents will be trained to not only perform various tasks in the course of a mission, but also how to interact with one another in situations where one is separated from the other members of the team. In the case of the Mark Harmon Unit, each member of the team is assigned an “A-Team” designation. These players are responsible for performing the necessary tasks in order to accomplish the mission at hand.

This makes for a prime example of compartmentalizing operations so that the task can be properly executed in real life. A pre-screening team of agents then checks in with the real agents in order to ensure that the mission is being carried out in a realistic manner.

What happens when these agents become separated from the main group? Well, as far as the Mark Harmon Unit is concerned, they are just made up of people who were left out of the primary group. So, on this NCIS: Mark Harmon, the field agents must all work together to find their missing teammates. There is no use trying to search for them if they are just picked up off the street, right?

So, once the player’s A-team realizes that the main group is missing, they all become responsible for finding their teammates and assisting them in carrying out the mission in a realistic manner. It is a fun concept that serves to help familiarize each other with what is expected of them in order to effectively carry out a task in a simulated setting.

As a part of the continuing effort by CBS Interactive to build awareness for NCIS, this series represents yet another way that the network cable television series is looking to bring real life scenarios into the realm of game play. This series of games is a part of the network’s efforts to have each member of the audience to become a part of the story, thus helping to make the agents of the Mark Harmon Unit come to life and explore the world that they are trying to complete missions in a more believable way.

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