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Wimbledon is back for 2020 and the tennis universe will zero in on the Wimbledon Tennis Club and the grass courts. Tickets are available for all sessions to include the Ladies Championship and Gentlemens Championship. Check below for the schedule and ticket options.

Wimbledon Tickets 2020 – Schedule – VIP Passes

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Wimbledon is not just a title of the British Open that are held in Wimbledon, but it has taken on an icon status in its own right as well. Tennis fans all over the world watch the tournament with hope that the professionals will beat their opponents and win the championship. Unlike the past, the players of today have taken up tennis as a part time occupation that they can easily turn into a career if they choose to do so.

Roger Federer may be the greatest male tennis player of all time, but his first world championship title came at the young age of twenty-one, against Rafael Nadal. In tennis today, anyone can be successful. There are no age restrictions and no limit to the talent of the sport.

Tennis is truly an international sport that has taken on several different countries and cultures throughout its history. Throughout time, women have dominated the sport and a lot of attention has been given to the tennis players of today because of this.

Serena Williams was named the world’s best female tennis player a couple of years ago. She has also established herself as the female grand slam champion. She plays a deep game with some finesse, but her upper body strength is matched by none.

Roger Federer, on the other hand, is probably the greatest male tennis player of all time. His father, Andy, was a noted tennis player and his older brother, Tommy, was a world-class player who won Wimbledon twice. Federer also has a younger brother, Novak who is another elite player.

In the non-grand slam championships, however, the countrymen have emerged as the stars of the sport. These tournaments are for only men and the average tennis player is generally unfamiliar with the women, but their talent is clear and their play is great.

A few years ago, the top tennis players on the women’s tour were Serena Williams, Steffi Graf, and Venus Williams. These three players combined to win two of the four majors that they competed in. They also had one of the most exciting matches of the year when Venus defeated Serena to win Wimbledon.

Now, Serena and Venus are hitting their late twenties and early thirties, while Steffi and Venus are in their middle age. Both of them have stayed active, traveling around the world, playing in tournaments, and winning tournaments. Steffi even won the French Open a few years ago.

Women on the men’s tour are coming along too, but they seem to be a little slower and more limited in their abilities than their counterparts. They have not yet surpassed the men on the level of Serena and Venus, but they are making great strides each season.

There have been several great successes, but they have remained limited in their success until recently. In a way, they seem to have become superstars in their own right because of their skills and their natural talent.

In a way, tennis players of the past have taken over the sport as a whole, even before women took over the men’s tour. It is evident that it will be the women who have much more success than they did ten years ago. Men who take up tennis as a career might not be far behind them, as they too are coming along in their middle age.

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