The Lion King Boston Tickets

Disney’s magical and everlasting The Lion King returns to Boston in October of 2019. The Lion King will perform at the Citizens Bank Opera House from October 3rd through October 27th.

The Lion King Boston TICKETS – Schedule – Seating Chart

Performances will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Check the schedule for options as all Saturdays have two shows and there are Sundays and Thursdays with two shows. The Citizens Bank Opera House is located at 539 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111.

How Do I Buy Lion King Boston Tickets?

Seen below is the actual seating chart for the Boston Opera House. Simply click here and look at the dates and times where The Lion King is performing. Click on the green BUY TICKETS button and you will see the seats available. Toggle over the seats on the left and they highlight on the map showing you were they are. Simply choose the seats you want and checkout. Fast and easy, no annoying signups or registrations are required.

the lion king boston tickets
The Lion King10/3/2019 19:30
The Lion King10/4/2019 20:00
The Lion King10/5/2019 14:00
The Lion King10/5/2019 20:00
The Lion King10/6/2019 13:00
The Lion King10/6/2019 18:30
The Lion King10/8/2019 19:30
The Lion King10/9/2019 19:30
The Lion King10/10/2019 13:00
The Lion King10/10/2019 19:30
The Lion King10/11/2019 20:00
The Lion King10/12/2019 14:00
The Lion King10/12/2019 20:00
The Lion King10/13/2019 13:00
The Lion King10/13/2019 18:30
The Lion King10/15/2019 19:30
The Lion King10/16/2019 19:30
The Lion King10/17/2019 19:30
The Lion King10/18/2019 20:00
The Lion King10/19/2019 14:00
The Lion King10/19/2019 20:00
The Lion King10/20/2019 13:00
The Lion King10/20/2019 18:30
The Lion King10/22/2019 19:30
The Lion King10/23/2019 19:30
The Lion King10/24/2019 13:00
The Lion King10/24/2019 19:30
The Lion King10/25/2019 20:00
The Lion King10/26/2019 14:00
The Lion King10/26/2019 20:00
The Lion King10/27/2019 13:00

Stay tuned to the schedules and show times we update consistently here at We have access to other great shows coming to the Citizens Bank Opera House soon such as Mean Girls and Come From Away.

The Lion King Tour

One thing great about choosing Lion King for your costume is that you are able to select from a wide range of animals. Theatergoers who are considering skipping The Lion King, fearing that it’s simply a dressed up version of the film, are missing out. The Lion King is essential see experience regardless of what age you’re. For a number of decades, he has been one of the hottest shows on Broadway. Undoubtedly he is the most innovative theatre productions. Animal Kingdom consists of seven distinct places, while each area is based on various theme. The Lion King is a can’t miss opportunity when it makes its way through your city like it is doing in Boston in October 2019.

Generally you will see The Lion King in your city for 2-4 weeks. make sure you check for tickets at this Lion King location.

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There are hundreds and hundreds of bat species all over the Earth, so there is not ever a void in regards to learning something new and interesting about bats. There are four on either side of the spider. The opening amount of The Lion King is exactly like the opening quantity of the film from which the show is adapted. The others were great also. There are a few additions, naturally, in order to create the performance long enough to fit on a Broadway stage.

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