Guns N’ Roses New Songs – Any Surprises on This Tour?

Amidst this explosive and extremely successful reunion and tour for Guns N’ Roses lurks the prospect of seeing some new songs come out from the legendary band.  Will GnR reveal any new tracks during this stadium tour this summer?  They had a few chances to dust off many of their hits and some hidden gems in Las Vegas and during Coachella so it remains to be seen if we will see any new music this summer.

Over the years stories online surfaced about some potential new tracks with names like “The General”, “Atlas Shrugged”, “Seven”, and “Thyme” floating around.  Who knows for sure but maybe something new will pop up out of the blue.


Meanwhile, let’s take a look at one fan’s Top Ten:

  1. “Coma”

A brilliantly epic experience limited only by the listener’s imagination and interpretation.  The entire lyrical output is so amazing it’s not fair to pick out merely small chunks of the lyrics to highlight.  Anyways, I was told “It’s So Easy” to be cool . . . . . . . . . .

  1. “Estranged”

A masterpiece.

  1. “Locomotive”

Always felt that the synergy between all members of the band on this track is just so powerful and perfect.  Initially I thought it had too many lyrics until it really sunk in how this might be the best lyrical output from Guns of all time.  Love the ending.

  1. “Prostitute”

Always respect unique twists such as a kick ass guitar solo at the end of the lyrical portion.  So cool.  Everyone has told themselves at some point to “forgive what you have . . . . . . . for what you might lose” haven’t they?

  1. “Rocket Queen”

AFD closer brings that blend of in your face rocker and power ballad – all in the same track.

  1. “Chinese Democracy”

Insane guitar work in this track.  Love the cool intro.  Lyrics are straightforward and relatively basic but yet intense and powerful.

  1. “Shacklers Revenge”

Intensely unique and intriguing.  I see it as a follow up to “Mr. Brownstone” where the writer is resisting the control held by addiction over himself or herself.

  1. “Don’t Damn Me”

Epic in your face rant that rolls out at a very rapid clip and features all sorts of zingers.  “Your only validation is in living your own life, vicarious existence is a f$%&#n’ waste of time”.  Yup.

  1. “Civil War”

How accurate is this song anyways?  “The billions shift from side to side and the wars go on with brainwashed pride”.  Sounds like a good description to me.  Timeless.

  1. “Catcher in the Rye”

Amazingly creative and unique.  Difficult to pin down its meaning which is one of the things I like the most about it.

What is your Top Ten?


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