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The Boston Red Sox vs the Chicago Cubs in the World Series obviously would be a very intriguing matchup with all of the history of the two clubs not to mention changes in management recently.  Well, let’s get a hold of ourselves and come back down to reality on this one.  The Red Sox are in a somewhat masked implosion currently as the standings don’t reflect the amount of deterioration.

Three weeks ago Travis Shaw, Jackie Bradley Jr., and David Ortiz were all in the Top 10 in the American League in OPS.  Now, well not so much as Shaw plunges like a guy sent into Boston Harbor with cinder blocks tied around his ankles by Whitey Bulger and Bradley comes out of the clouds.  Hanley Ramirez also continues to show essentially no power.  Oh, and let’s not forget about a few of the starting pitchers getting absolutely torched recently as well.

The Chicago Cubs continue to maul opponents and combine excellent offense with excellent pitching.  It may very well be their year.  The Red Sox need to pick it up to even make the playoffs as the Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles will not let up.

The rest of the season will be very interesting.  After the Red Sox face the Twins this weekend the next ten games or so are against much tougher competition.


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