Can Villanova Basketball Survive Its Success?

Great piece on the balance Villanova tries to strike.  Interesting to follow especially in light of recent college basketball scandals.  Can Nova continue to win at a high level?

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The pressure of competing against national hoops heavyweights each season could tempt Wright to chase one-and-done NBA lottery hopefuls uninterested in team goals or ’Nova’s track record of developing sturdy high-school products into college champions. Better players than ever are expressing interest in his school. “Their brand is as big as it gets,” says Evan Daniels, director of basketball recruiting for news site 247Sports. Of course, it’s not like the Wildcats have won with intramural squads. At least six players from their title teams were competing for NBA roster spots this season; four were first-round picks. The Wildcats have “lived in the 35-to-70 range” in terms of the national rankings of their recruits, says Daniels, with Jalen Brunson (30th in 2015, per 247Sports) and Omari Spellman (27th in 2016) recent exceptions. ’Nova hasn’t attracted much top-20 interest — but that’s changing.

The “Wildcat Way” has officially hit the big time. Will the big time hit back? Brunson, Antoine and Wright courtesy of the Associated Press; background courtesy of iStockphoto Jay Wright sees only one potential obstacle keeping Villanova’s basketball team from maintaining the trademark culture that has produced two national […]

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