‘King Kong’: The beauty of the beast – New Broadway Shows

King Kong The Musical is part of a new group of plays and musicals hitting Broadway this fall.  Also live on Broadway now are new musicals The Prom and Pretty Woman.  A new potential blockbuster play also recently broke the ice – To Kill A Mockingbird.  America’s most epic novel is coming t the stage again, and this time it is on Broadway and with a stunning cast and off of tremendous trial runs in Canada and elsewhere.

king king broadway

Broadway of course also still has the following hits running and the schedules are seen below:


Dear Evan Hansen

The Book Of Mormon


Christiani Pitts plays Ann Darrow, the object of affection of Kong in the musical “King Kong,” which opens Nov. 8 at the Broadway Theatre. Photo Credit: Joan Marcus The eyes are deep black, piercing, sad and, above all, a little frightening. They belong to King Kong, the 2,000-pound, 20-foot-tall […]

The story sticks closely to the original movie. A filmmaker, desperate for the next big thing (no news there), travels with young actress Ann Darrow (played by Christiani Pitts) to faraway Skull Island, where he captures the terrifying Kong and brings him back to New York. At first, says Thorne, he thought the biggest challenge for the stage version would be “creating an emotional relationship between Ann and Kong.” But in early previews, he came to understand that the gorilla wasn’t the issue. He’s been trimming and doing extensive rewrites during the previews, he explains, to make sure Ann, “who behaves very selfishly at a key moment in the play,” is a character “who people will want to go with on this journey.”

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