Pink Martini Tour

pink martini tour

Ever been on a musical journey that’s like a globe-trotting adventure? A tour where you get to savor sounds from Havana to Rio, Paris to Tokyo in one sitting? Well, buckle up and prepare your ears for an exhilarating ride because the Pink Martini Tour offers just that! This band isn’t your typical pop group. They are more like an auditory United Nations with their multilingual repertoire and diverse influences.

Their performances feel like vibrant international festivals packed into concert stages across cities as varied as San Francisco and Naples. But what can fans expect from these tours? From hearing China Forbes’ stunning vocals live, securing coveted Pink Martini tickets before they sell out, or even catching guest appearances by Storm Large – there’s so much excitement wrapped up in this spectacle!

Let’s take a deep dive into everything about this global phenomenon. There’s so much to explore and understand!

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Pink Martini Tour Overview

Get ready, music lovers. The Pink Martini tour is here and it’s set to be a showstopper. This band has 28 upcoming events scattered across the US.

Tour Dates and Locations

This diverse “little orchestra” will dazzle audiences in cities like San Francisco, Reno, Napa, Monterey, Chandler, Tucson, Bremerton, Spokane, Naples, Palm Desert, Austin, Dallas, and Denver. From intimate venues such as Tucson’s Uptown Theatre to grand stages at Los Angeles’ Walt Disney Concert Hall, each location promises a unique experience.

The Pink Martini featuring China Forbes tour is an event not to miss. Known for her powerful vocals that can move from sultry smoothness to fiery passion in an instant – you’re guaranteed a mesmerizing performance every time.

Ticket Information

Finding your way into one of these shows isn’t hard with by your side. We offer easy access to Pink Martini tickets so everyone gets their chance at this musical delight. Just click here, choose your city or venue of choice (maybe even the famed Chandler Center), grab those tickets while they last.

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While catching them live gives an incomparable thrill – remember they also do livestreams for fans who might not be able to attend physically but still yearn for that Pink Martini magic.

So, are you ready to join the Pink Martini party? It’s time to soak in their multilingual repertoire and immerse yourself in an evening of diverse melodies that can transport you from a samba parade in Rio de Janeiro to a French music hall or even an Italian cinema score.

Key Takeaway: 

Brace yourself for the musical spectacle that is the Pink Martini tour, set to dazzle in various US cities. Secure your spot with and choose between an up-close experience or a view of all musicians playing harmoniously. And don’t forget, if you can’t attend physically, there’s always their thrilling livestreams.

The Band’s Musical Journey and Achievements

From their humble beginnings in Portland, Oregon to performing on the world stage, Pink Martini has carved out a unique space in music. Their multilingual repertoire is as diverse as the band itself.

Band Formation and Early Days

In 1994, Thomas Lauderdale, an aspiring politician with a passion for music, formed what he dubbed ‘the little orchestra’. The goal was to provide more beautiful and inclusive soundtracks at political fundraisers. But this idea quickly evolved into something bigger when China Forbes joined him later that year.

The duo started writing songs together which culminated in their first album “Sympathique”. It gained international recognition because of its title track which became an overnight sensation in France. This success set them up for tours across Europe making it their European debut.

Achievements and Recognition

Pink Martini’s journey took off from there. They have since performed with over 50 orchestras worldwide including multiple engagements with renowned ones like San Francisco Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic and BBC Concert Orchestra.

This small orchestra has graced many prestigious stages around the globe such as Walt Disney Concert Hall or Carnegie Hall where they played multiple sold-out concerts. Their accomplishments are not limited to English-speaking countries, as evidenced by their expansive multilingual repertoire.

They’ve also made appearances at Cannes Film Festival while having live breakthroughs at events such as the Oregon Symphony’s annual New Year’s Eve concert showing how versatile this group really is.

We can’t talk about Pink Martini without mentioning some memorable performances by Storm Large who often guests on tour dates alongside China Forbes. Their partnership with Lauderdale forms the core of Pink Martini’s sound and continues to entertain audiences worldwide.

Over time, Pink Martini has proved that music knows no borders. They’ve made a significant impact on the industry while cultivating a dedicated fanbase which eagerly awaits their every move – whether it’s an upcoming album release or the next tour.

Key Takeaway: 

Starting as a ‘little orchestra’ in Portland, Pink Martini quickly grew into an international sensation with their diverse multilingual repertoire. The band’s inclusive music and memorable performances have graced prestigious stages worldwide, including Cannes Film Festival and Carnegie Hall. With their ability to captivate audiences across borders, they continue to charm fans while making significant contributions to the music industry.

Fan Experiences and Reviews

Ever wondered what it’s like to attend a Pink Martini concert? Let me tell you, the energy is infectious. Fans rave about their eclectic performances that blend various musical styles. Their concerts aren’t just music shows; they’re global journeys packed into one night.

For instance, fans at sold-out concerts in venues as diverse as San Francisco Symphony Hall and Tucson AZ Opera House have lauded Pink Martini for creating an atmosphere where cultures intertwine through music. From conga lines around the orchestra pit during “Brazil” to sing-alongs in multiple languages, every performance is unique.

The band’s ability to interact with audiences sets them apart. China Forbes’ playful banter between songs adds a personal touch that fans adore. When performing at Walt Disney Concert Hall or Carnegie Hall, she never fails to charm her audience with engaging stories behind each song from their multilingual repertoire.

Praise from Critics and Fellow Musicians

Critics also shower praises on Pink Martini. David Letterman once described them as “the best thing since sliced bread.” But it isn’t just critics who are impressed by this dynamic group – fellow musicians can’t help but admire them too.

The Oregon Symphony hailed their orchestral debut as revolutionary while BBC Concert Orchestra admired how they brought new life into classical pieces during multiple engagements across Europe including Cannes Film Festival appearance. Even Conan O’Brien confessed his love for this versatile band after witnessing Pink Martini performs live on his show.

Musical Journey Beyond Borders

Inclusivity defines a Pink Martini concert experience – both musically and demographically speaking. The beauty of attending one of these gigs lies in watching people of all ages groove together under one roof whether it be Martin Woldson Theater or the Grand Sierra Resort. It’s like a vibrant global village united by music.

One fan nailed it, saying: “Pink Martini takes you on a world tour in two hours flat.” This band goes all out to make their concerts more than just shows. They’re about shared experiences, creating this feeling of being part of one big musical family. That’s what the reviews say too.

Key Takeaway: 

And it’s not just about their innovative approach. The way Pink Martini blends different styles and cultures into a seamless musical journey is truly mesmerizing. It’s an experience that resonates deeply with audiences, critics, and fellow musicians around the globe.

Pink Martini’s Impact on Music Industry

With their unique sound and global appeal, Pink Martini has been shaking up the music industry like a well-crafted cocktail. This multilingual band blends different genres seamlessly, making it difficult to put them in any one musical box.

Unique Sound and Influence

Pink Martini’s influence extends far beyond genre boundaries. By combining elements from classical, jazz and pop music worldwide, Pink Martini’s singular sound captivates audiences everywhere. From their debut album ‘Sympathique’ to their most recent releases, they’ve always managed to keep things fresh.

Their performances are not just concerts; they’re journeys across cultures and time periods. It’s no surprise that this versatility has allowed them to perform at some of the world’s most prestigious venues – from Carnegie Hall in New York City to Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Cultivating a Dedicated Fanbase

A dedicated fanbase is crucial for any artist or band’s success – but Pink Martini didn’t just cultivate a fanbase; they built a community. Fans admire not only their impressive musical talent but also the way they bring people together through music.

This diverse audience ranges from festival-goers who discovered them during multiple engagements at Cannes Film Festival or concertgoers enjoying sold-out shows with orchestras such as San Francisco Symphony or Oregon Symphony where Pink Martini made its orchestral debut.

Fans can’t get enough of these experiences. So much so that there have been instances of multiple sold-out concerts taking place within hours of each other on New Year’s Eve.

If you want more info about upcoming tours: Click here to stay updated on Pink Martini’s future engagements.

Their commitment and effort have been rewarded in numerous ways. They’ve won numerous awards, including France’s Victoires de la Musique Awards for their contributions to the music industry.

unique blend of music styles. The band’s versatility and talent have charmed audiences worldwide, making them a beloved fixture in the global music scene.

Key Takeaway: 

With their eclectic blend of global music genres, Pink Martini has made a splash in the music industry. Their concerts are cultural journeys, leading to sold-out shows at prestigious venues worldwide and a dedicated community of fans. Not only do they delight audiences with their unique sound, but also foster unity through music.

Notable Collaborations and Guest Appearances

Pink Martini’s unique sound has been shaped by numerous collaborations over the years. These partnerships have helped them evolve into a band with an international following.

Collaboration with Thomas Lauderdale

The partnership between China Forbes and Thomas Lauderdale, Pink Martini’s pianist, forms the core of their distinctive music style. Their creative synergy resulted in hits like ‘Sympathique’, which catapulted them to global fame.

Lauderdale’s classical training combined with Forbes’ songwriting prowess created a blend of multilingual melodies that resonated across continents. This dynamic duo continues to be at the heart of every Pink Martini tour.

Guest Appearances by Storm Large

Storm Large, another significant figure in Pink Martini’s journey, added her unique flavor during multiple engagements as guest vocalist on tours and albums. Her contributions include performances at sold-out concerts from Carnegie Hall to Walt Disney Concert Hall, further establishing the band’s reputation for versatility and innovation.

A noteworthy performance was their New Year’s Eve concert at Oregon Symphony where she stepped in for Forbes due to medical reasons – marking her orchestral debut while maintaining the essence of what makes this group so beloved worldwide.

No matter who takes center stage, one thing remains constant: The passion each member brings when they step onto those concert stages is palpably felt throughout any venue they grace. Whether it be San Francisco Symphony or Los Angeles Philharmonic – you can always expect an unforgettable show whenever these dozen musicians gather under one roof.

Upcoming Plans for Future Tours

Pink Martini, the “little orchestra” from Portland, is always stirring up something new. The band’s blending of classical tunes, jazz and traditional pop has enthralled listeners globally.

Fans can’t wait to hear what Pink Martini will bring on their future tours. Known for performances in multiple languages and featuring a multilingual repertoire that crosses genres with ease, every concert promises an exciting musical journey.

The group is planning more multiple engagements, expanding its reach to more cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Tucson AZ among others. This comes after successful shows at renowned venues such as Walt Disney Concert Hall and Carnegie Hall which solidified their status as a must-see live act.

New Album Releases

Aside from touring plans, there are whispers about potential new album releases too. After all, it’s been some time since fans were treated to fresh tunes from Pink Martini’s talented dozen musicians led by pianist Thomas Lauderdale.

Their debut album Sympathique was an instant hit when it released in 1997 – so who knows? Maybe we’ll see another chart-topping release soon.

Diverse Musical Collaborations

In addition to planned tour dates and possible album launches are rumors of collaborations with other artists – something they’ve done beautifully before. Storm Large, best known for her stunning vocals, has often performed alongside them adding depth to their sound during concerts including sold-out ones at Hollywood Bowl or New Year’s Eve bash at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Imagine attending one of these grand events… mesmerizing isn’t it?

Multicity Engagements

The band’s commitment to bringing their unique sound to fans everywhere is evident in their upcoming tour schedule. Pink Martini is known for taking on multiple engagements in a single city, ensuring as many fans as possible get the chance to see them live.

This includes playing at diverse venues ranging from grand opera houses and concert halls like Chandler Center or Uptown Theatre Napa, all the way to more intimate locations such as Admiral Theatre. Pink Martini’s dedication certainly sets them apart.

Key Takeaway: 

Get ready for a whirlwind of musical excitement with Pink Martini. The band’s future tours promise an array of multilingual performances in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Keep your ears open for potential new album releases and artist collaborations, enhancing their already captivating sound. And remember, whether it’s grand opera houses or intimate local venues, they’re committed to bringing you a one-of-a-kind concert experience that transcends borders and genres.

FAQs in Relation to Pink Martini Tour

Does Pink Martini still exist?

Absolutely, Pink Martini is alive and making music. They continue to captivate audiences with their eclectic sound.

Does Storm Large still perform with Pink Martini?

Yes, she does. Storm Large often graces the stage during Pink Martini’s performances, adding her unique touch.

Who is the current lead singer of Pink Martini?

The band features two main vocalists: China Forbes and Storm Large. Both contribute to the distinctive sound of Pink Martini.

What kind of music does Pink Martini play?

Pink Martini plays a fusion of classical, jazz, and pop. Their multilingual repertoire includes songs in more than 25 languages.


By now, you’ve taken a whirlwind tour of the Pink Martini Tour. You’re in-the-know about their diverse concert stages and multilingual repertoire.

You’ve discovered how to secure those precious martini tickets before they vanish. It’s clear why cities from San Francisco to Naples buzz with excitement at every performance!

From Thomas Lauderdale’s genius founding vision, China Forbes’ soul-stirring vocals, Storm Large’s unforgettable guest appearances – there is so much magic behind this band’s global appeal.

Audiences worldwide adore them for their unique sound and the vibrant energy they bring on stage. But remember that securing your spot takes early action! So keep an eye out for upcoming tour dates and locations – don’t miss your chance to be part of the spectacle!

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