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boyz to men concert

Have you ever been to a Boyz II Men concert? If so, then you know it’s an experience like no other. The music is more than just melodies and harmonies—it’s pure nostalgia that brings back memories of the 90s in every note.

The powerful voices of Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Stockman echo through the venue as they belt out their iconic hits—songs that have made them one of the most successful R&B groups in history. Their concerts are a testament to this legacy—a journey down memory lane with classics like “End Of The Road” or “I’ll Make Love To You”.

Intrigued? This post dives deep into what makes Boyz II Men performances truly memorable. We’re talking about tour dates at renowned venues like Niagara Falls and Foxwoods Resort Casino, collaborations with stars such as Mariah Carey, and so much more.

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Boyz II Men Concert: Overview and Tour Dates

If you’re a fan of R&B, the name Boyz II Men should strike a chord. Known for their harmonious melodies and soulful performances, this quartet turned trio has been serenading audiences worldwide.

Their concerts are known for energetic performances that transport fans back to the ’90s. So if you’ve been humming “End of The Road” or swaying to “I’ll Make Love To You,” it’s time to catch them live on their tour.

Tour Dates and Locations

The Boyz II Men tour is sweeping across various locations in North America. Get ready, Staten Island. They will be bringing down the house at George Theatre soon. And Boston fans can look forward to an unforgettable night when they hit MGM Music Hall.

Folks in Mashantucket won’t miss out either; Foxwoods Resort Casino is on their itinerary too. The group also plans stops at Met Philadelphia, MGM National Harbor in Maryland, Fallsview Casino Resort near Niagara Falls ON Canada, and Thunder Valley Casino Resort Lincoln CA – just follow these links for more details:

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  • Boston show info
  • Mashantucket gig dates
  • Philadelphia event schedule
  • National Harbor concert plan

At each location, Boyz II Men promise an evening full of nostalgia, heartfelt ballads, sweet harmony – with Shawn Stockman’s silky tenor, Nathan Morris’s baritone, and Wanya Morris’ second tenor weaving a magical spell.

The tour dates also feature some unique venues like the Lucas Oil Live at OLG Stage, adding to the special experience. So get your calendars out, mark these Boyz II Men tour dates, and prepare for an unforgettable night of music.

will be valid and on time. You’re not just buying a ticket, you’re securing an experience to remember. Their buyer guarantee gives peace of mind that your money is well spent.

Key Takeaway: 

Get ready to groove with Boyz II Men on their North American tour, promising an evening filled with nostalgia and soulful performances. From Staten Island’s George Theatre to Boston’s MGM Music Hall and more, they’re set to mesmerize fans with harmonious ballads. Don’t miss out; mark your calendars for a night of unforgettable music.

Iconic Performances and Song Highlights from Boyz II Men Concerts

At a Boyz II Men show, the audience is treated to an unforgettable performance of their unique blend of R&B, soul and new jack swing. Their harmonious blend of R&B, soul, and new jack swing can make anyone sway to the rhythm.

Signature Songs Performed Live

The power trio—Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman, and Wanya Morris—never fail to deliver when it comes to their iconic songs. Expect goosebumps as they perform ‘On Bended Knee’ or the unforgettable ‘End of The Road’. But that’s not all.

You’ll be swept away by renditions of hits like ‘I’ll Make Love To You’, which cemented them in music history. And let’s not forget about ‘A Song For Mama’, a track that brings both tears and smiles every time it rings out over the audience.

These are just some highlights from their repertoire; there’s so much more. Their versatility extends beyond these classics as they cover various genres with grace and style in each performance.

Sweet Collaborations That Made History

The group has also been known for incredible collaborations during concerts such as duets with divas Mariah Carey on ‘One Sweet Day’ or En Vogue on “Yesterday”. These performances have created magic onstage resulting in unforgettably touching moments for fans across the globe.

‘Love You Forever’, part of their digital collection released May 9th was another memorable moment when performed live at Columbus Commons alongside Martina McBride during summer 2023. This free event remains etched into fans’ hearts forever due to its magical atmosphere combined with amazing talent showcasing heartfelt tunes.

Tuesday December to Wednesday December – A week of Music

One memorable stint was their week-long concert series from Tuesday, December till the following Wednesday. It saw them perform at iconic venues like MGM Music Hall and Lucas Oil Live, each performance more electrifying than the last.

The concerts offered fans a chance to witness these icons up close in an intimate setting – creating memories that will indeed last a lifetime.

Key Takeaway: 

Boyz II Men concerts are magical experiences, featuring a harmonious blend of R&B, soul, and new jack swing. You can expect goosebump-inducing performances of iconic songs like ‘On Bended Knee’ and ‘End of The Road’, as well as incredible collaborations with stars like Mariah Carey. And let’s not overlook their week-long concert series which promises an unforgettable journey through decades of timeless music.

Comparisons and Collaborations with Other Artists

Boyz II Men have had the privilege of collaborating with a star-studded list of artists throughout their career. Their harmonious blends paired with other iconic voices make for unforgettable musical experiences.

Their collaboration track record boasts names like P.NK, Monica, Charlie Wilson, Earth, Wind & Fire, Lionel Richie – to name just a few. These collaborations not only reflect the versatility of Boyz II Men but also highlight their ability to transcend genres and eras.

A standout amongst these partnerships is undoubtedly Mariah Carey. The union between her powerful vocals and Boyz II Men’s soulful harmony in “One Sweet Day” still resonates as one of pop music’s most poignant ballads about loss.

Martina McBride Collaboration

In the summer of 2023, fans were treated to an unexpected delight when country singer Martina McBride joined forces with our boys at Columbus Commons for a free performance. This unusual blend demonstrated how well they could adapt their R&B style to mesh seamlessly into country tunes.

Martina McBride and Boyz II Men at Columbus Commons, allowed them all to explore new sounds while paying homage to classic melodies that are core elements in both genres.

The group has never shied away from trying something different; whether it was partnering up with Jagged Edge or performing alongside comedy legend Chris Tucker during live shows – every instance adds another layer depth within their extensive discography.

Fans may remember Kelly Clarkson welcoming Nathan Morris on stage during her show ‘Kellyoke’ segment where they performed an impressive rendition “On Bended Knee”. As if we needed more proof that these guys can truly sing anything.

Boyz II Men’s ability to cross-pollinate genres with other artists has kept them fresh and relevant. It’s a testament to their timeless talent and an exciting aspect of their musical journey that fans look forward to at every turn.

Key Takeaway: 

Whether they’re mixing soulful harmonies with strong voices, or tweaking R&B style to fit country music, Boyz II Men always make sure their collaborations are memorable. They’ve worked with a wide range of artists – from P.NK and Lionel Richie to Mariah Carey and Martina McBride – showcasing their incredible talent and versatility across different genres.

Insights into Boyz II Men’s Music Releases

If you’re a fan of the sweet, soulful harmonies that define R&B music, chances are you’ve heard of Boyz II Men. This legendary group has gifted us with an array of musical gems over the years.

Album Highlights

The Philly Crooners’ discography is like a treasure trove filled to the brim with sonic gold. Their debut album “Cooleyhighharmony” shook up the charts and established them as icons in their genre. Released at a time when New Jack Swing was all rage, this record stood out for its timeless doo-wop-inspired melodies.

Their subsequent releases didn’t disappoint either. The albums “Evolution,” “Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya,” and “Full Circle” further solidified their status in R&B history books.

“Throwback” saw them pay homage to some classic tunes from yesteryears while adding their own unique spin on it. Meanwhile, “Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA” brought listeners back to an era where Motown reigned supreme – giving hits by legends such as Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye the quintessential Boyz II Men touch.

Last but certainly not least is “Love.” As expected from its title, this album serves love ballads aplenty that fans have come to expect from these seasoned crooners.

To get more insight into why each song feels like they’re singing just for you or how they manage to make even heartbreak sound beautiful; listen closely because each melody tells a story.

A Closer Look At Some Of Their Most Successful Albums

We’ll start with “Cooleyhighharmony”, the album that put Boyz II Men on the map. Released in 1991, “Cooleyhighharmony” marked Boyz II Men’s arrival on the scene with hits like “Motownphilly” and “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday,” displaying their versatility between upbeat tracks and emotional ballads.

They dropped “Evolution” in 1997, showcasing their artistic development. True to its title, the album really reflects their musical evolution.

Key Takeaway: 

wop. Their soulful voices and emotional lyrics have touched millions around the world, making Boyz II Men a beloved fixture in R&B music.

Concert Reviews and Fan Reactions to Boyz II Men Performances

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to experience a Boyz II Men concert, you know that the energy is electric, and the harmonies are smoother than silk. But don’t just take my word for it. Hear what attendees of the recent Boyz II Men concert in Nairobi have to say about their experience.

The Nairobi Concert Experience

Fans worldwide have had nothing but praise for these concerts, including those who attended the unforgettable show in Nairobi on June 10th, 2023. Many remarked about how the band took them back to simpler times with classics like “On Bended Knee” and “One Sweet Day”.

“The best night of my life.” shared one enthusiastic fan after witnessing Shawn Stockman’s mesmerizing performance at this particular event. His fellow band members Nathan Morris and Wanya Morris were equally impressive with their powerful vocals that resonated throughout the music hall.

In addition to reminiscing over hits from their past albums such as ‘Cooleyhighharmony’, attendees loved hearing new tracks live. It was truly a night full of nostalgia mixed with fresh sounds.

Interaction With Fans On Social Media Platforms

Social media has also played an essential role in gathering reactions post-concerts; platforms like Twitter become abuzz every time Boyz II Men hit any stage around America or abroad.

After one performance at Foxwoods Resort Casino last year, a fan tweeted: “Went into it expecting greatness – left feeling mind-blown.” This sentiment seems universal among fans as they share videos, pictures, and fond memories online long after each tour date concludes.

Tickets Purchased Worth Every Penny

Whether it’s at the Thunder Valley Casino Resort, MGM National Harbor, or any other venue on their tour dates list – fans consistently agree that every cent spent on Boyz II Men concert tickets is worth it.

“The ticket prices were a steal for such an unforgettable experience,” shared one fan after attending the Niagara Falls show. “Would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

Symphonic Touch to Classic Songs

This standout aspect truly shines.

Key Takeaway: 

Boyz II Men concerts are a blast from the past mixed with fresh sounds, leaving fans worldwide exhilarated. Attendees rave about experiencing classic hits and new tracks live, creating unforgettable memories. Social media buzzes post-concerts with shared excitement and praise for performances. Fans agree: every penny spent on tickets is worth it.

FAQs in Relation to Boyz to Men Concert

Are Boyz 2 Men touring?

Yes, they are. Boyz II Men have announced tour dates at various locations across the US and Canada.

Why did Michael McCary leave Boyz II Men?

McCary left in 2003 due to chronic back problems from multiple sclerosis.

Why did Boyz II Men break up?

The group didn’t break up but became a trio when McCary departed for health reasons.

Is Boyz to Men still performing in Vegas?

Absolutely. They continue their popular residency at The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.


Attending a Boyz II Men concert is more than just an event. It’s a journey through time, replete with iconic performances and timeless melodies.

You’ve learned about their tour dates at popular venues like Niagara Falls or Foxwoods Resort Casino, promising nights filled with rhythm and soul.

We dived into their signature songs that always light up the stage. From collaborations with renowned artists to the success of albums like “Cooleyhighharmony”, we unpacked it all.

The magic doesn’t end there though – fans’ reactions tell tales of unforgettable experiences and powerful emotions stirred by this legendary trio’s music.

In essence, a Boyz II Men concert offers more than just entertainment—it serves memories you’ll cherish forever!

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