NFL Betting: Chicago Bears Under 7.5 Wins

NFL Betting and the Chicago Bears Win Total: The Chicago Bears head into the 2016 season off a 6-10 campaign in 2015 and yet another season in the books without a playoff appearance. Coach John Fox returns for his second season as the head coach of the Chicago Bears, and it is true that Coach Fox has an above .500 record in the National Football League as a head coach.  Can he get this Chicago Bears team into the playoffs in the 2016 season?  This analyst does not think that is the case.

NFL Betting opportunities are present throughout the season of course but sometimes the season win totals can present interesting opportunities to take a shot at before the season starts. Let’s not forget this Chicago Bears team went 6-10 in 2015 and when we look at the nuts and bolts of the results it looks worse than 6-10. Here are the Bear wins from the 2015 season: nipping Oakland at home early in the year before Oakland got going, 18-17 win over the Chiefs at KC before KC got red hot, win by 3 at hapless Chargers, crushing the weak Rams at St. Louis, a Thanksgiving win at Green Bay clearly their best win of the year, and a late season win over a modest Bucs team in a tailspin.  When you look at the Bears season in 2015, a 6-10 record might be dressing it up a tad.

So, what did the Bears do to improve? After Jeffery the WR corps is quite modest.  Jeffery will catch a lot of balls no doubt but that won’t result in wins unless the other wideouts and backup TEs are productive.  The Chicago Bears moved on from Matt Forte but will rely on some unproven backs in a system that is committed to pounding the ball and “managing the game” in a pass happy league with explosive passing offenses throughout the league. Jay Cutler is what he is.  It is unlikely he all of a sudden throws 35 TDs and only ten picks.  Even if the defense improved substantially is that enough with what they have on offense?

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Regardless of how much they did or did not improve in the offseason the Chicago Bears will have to deal with the cards they were dealt with the schedule. This schedule, like all NFL schedules, is full of challenging situations for the Chicago Bears but borders on being a real skull crusher.  Let’s take a look at how this schedule impacts NFL betting:

Weeks 1-4: this stretch includes an opener at an improved Houston team, a trip to Dallas, and a division battle at home versus the Detroit Lions.

Weeks 5-8: The Bears battle the Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers on the road and the Jacksonville Jaguars and Minnesota Vikings at home.  This is not an easy stretch and the Jaguars are better than they were in 2015.

Weeks 10-17: During the second half the year for Chicago Bears will travel to a New York Giants team fighting for a playoff spot in a weak division and face four tough games to close out the year in games at Detroit, hosting Green Bay, hosting the Washington Redskins, and at the Minnesota Vikings.

Will the Chicago Bears win 8 games in 2016? Certainly it is possible but a closer look at the true results for the Chicago Bears in 2015 and the 2016 schedule demonstrates that getting to 8 wins or more will not be easy.

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