Julian Edelman Injury – WR Leaves Practice

Julian Edelman Injury?

We will not enter the aggressive speculation zone here but apparently Julian Edelman suffered some type of injury or setback to his foot at practice today for the New England Patriots.  Returning to the field this past Sunday Patriots fans enthusiastically looked on as Edelman rejoined the action on the field.  Now just a mere two days later there appears to be a possibility that the star WR and punt return man is having more issues with that troublesome foot.

Regardless of how this shakes out the bigger issue is this: how will the Patriots slog their way through the regular season and keep Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, and Dion Lewis healthy for the payoff push and run? Every player on the team is important and injuries to any of them hurt but we all know the Patriot offense just isn’t the same without one of the three mentioned above present not to mention the difference when two or more of them are out.   Patriots fans have been down the road a few times where certain players are absent from the offense and the offense as a whole and Tom Brady in particular struggle, slow down, or attempt to modify tactics to overcome key injuries.

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Dion Lewis has yet to take the field this training camp and still appears on the PUP list. Gronk appears better than ever but has a history of injury challenges. Time will tell but don’t be shocked if the New England Patriots deploy some type of “let’s win games but try not to get people hurt” strategy this season.

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