Communication Tips for Long-Distance Relationships

Committing to a long-distance relationship can be challenging but rewarding if you’re with the right person. For better communication, follow these tips.

Long-distance relationships are complex and require more intentional communication because you cannot see your significant other as much as you want, which could cause strain. You must make a concerted effort to ensure the arrangement works. While the miles that separate you will be difficult to manage, the relationship can still be rewarding and fulfilling if you both put in the effort.

Regularly Schedule “Time” Together

Set a regular schedule for when you and your partner will get on a video chat or call each other. This minimizes the confusion in trying to figure out a time to chat daily and gives you something to look forward to throughout the day. Making long-distance military relationships work might be trickier because schedules and availabilities can change so rapidly. Be open-minded toward your partner’s schedule, and work around the obstacles together instead of cutting off communication.

Do Things “Together”

Your video chats and calls don’t need to be stationary or in the same place every day. Consider going for a walk “together.” This similarly shares the intimacy of a normal walk together, and you’ll both get to look at new surroundings if your camera is on.

Practice Actively Listening

When you’re on the phone or texting, it can be easy to zone out and get lost in a train of thought, but because you have a long-distance relationship, communication is much more essential. You must actively listen to your partner. They may interpret things differently over the phone or text than they would in person—and so might you—so take time to understand what they’re saying before responding.

Plan Meet-Up Dates

Your budget and the distance between you will determine how many times a year you can physically see each other. To ensure you both have something to look forward to, plan the weekends or weeks you want to spend time together. This eases the nerves of the long distance and keeps the line of communication open.

In order for your relationship to work, you both have to put in the effort.  Send words of affirmation, drop small gifts in the mail, and find other ways to let them know you were thinking of them. Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but if you do them right and communicate, you should be able to build a strong and healthy foundation for your relationship.

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