Chicago Cubs World Series Tickets Selling Now

Chicago Cubs World Series Tickets:  Here we sit on September 12th and the Chicago Cubs are at 91-51 with a fat 16 game lead in their division.  Fans of the Cubbies can already buy World Series tickets right here at


Game 1 of the World Series is scheduled for October 28th if the Chicago Cubs are able to make it to that juncture.  Other playoff tickets are also available right now as well.

How confident are Cubs fans that the team will make it?  They certainly have a reason to be confident given the explosive lineup, solid pitching, and the key additions to the team most notably with Chapman as the closer.   There is no doubt that the Chicago Cubs will make the postseason and be heavy favorites in the Division Series, but postseason baseball can get a bit crazy.

We shall see what happens. It would be an amazing story to have the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.  How about a matchup with the Boston Red Sox?


The Washington Nationals have a very impressive 85-58 record currently but perhaps Cub fans take solace in the ability of the Nationals to not follow through and reach their potential.  Maybe this is the year they do.  A Cubs matchup with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the postseason could be of concern because of Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers.  Yes, Kershaw has struggled in the postseason overall but he is absolutely capable of putting together two gems in a series against anybody.

The American League looks extremely wide open.  The Boston Red Sox remain a sexy pick but they have a lot to prove not the least of which is actually locking up a postseason slot.  Right now all three division leaders (the Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, and Texas Rangers) remain within five games of each other.


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