Vacations You Should Take Post-Pandemic

Taking a vacation may not be a safe option right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but you can certainly plan the vacation of your dreams for when travel is safe again. Here are some of the best destinations for vacations you should take post-pandemic.  

The Maldives 

If you’re looking for a tropical getaway but you still aren’t keen on visiting overly crowded tourist locations, the Maldives is the perfect place for you. With a string of tropical islands surrounded by blue waters, you’ll be able to unwind and relax after all the stress the pandemic has brought. Better yet, there are plenty of private places to stay, too. 


Offering busting cities and ancient ruins in the countryside, Thailand is a cultural escape unlike any other. There’s also plenty of beach locations on the coast for travelers looking for a little bit of everything in their first post-pandemic experiences. 


France is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and rightfully so. Visit some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, or take a food and wine tour to experience the sophisticated cuisine France has to offer.  


Greece is another common destination you should plan to see post-pandemic. Greece has everything for vacationers, from rugged mountains to beautiful beaches. While enjoying the scenery, you can also explore the one-of-a-kind architecture and delicious cuisine.  


If you’re looking for a little more adventure on your first COVID-free trip, book a flight to Australia. From surfing the beaches to exploring the outback wilderness, there’s plenty to do for people who live adventurous lifestyles. After a long day of excursions, you can hit the town in one of Australia’s booming cities, such as Sydney, for a vibrant night out. 

Whether you’re a beach-lover or a culture fanatic, these destinations have something for everyone. Consider one of these vacations you should take post-pandemic to cure your travel bug.

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