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Is Usher performing in Las Vegas?

Yes. starting in mid-July of 2021, Usher is beginning a residency in Las Vegas. There will be regular performances at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Tune in to to stay on top of the schedule and you can buy tickets here.

Usher: Caesars Palace Residency

Event Meta
Colosseum at Caesars Palace
Event Status
Start Date
July 16, 2021 9:00 pm
End Date
December 1, 2023 11:59 am
Event Location
Attendance Mode
3570 S Las Vegas Blvd
Postal Code
Las Vegas
Country ISO Code
Region ISO Code

Usher is an American singer, songwriter, and performer. Since the early 1990s, he has won multiple Grammys and Academy Awards for his music and acting. Most of his music has centered around pop songs and have also appeared in some movies. However, his most successful songs have been ones that speak about issues affecting both the artist and his audience. Check out some of Usher’s greatest hits to see why he is one of the best singers and performers out there today.

“New York Minute” was released in August of 1996 and went straight to Number One in the pop vocal and performing arts chart. The track achieved this feat with aplomb after a steady stream of popularity. Usher’s album of the year, including the chart topping “New York Minute” also went straight to Number One in the alternative and pop music charts. This is only the beginning of what Usher can do; other albums including “Thrift Shop” and “After That,” have hit the top spot on the Alternative and Pop charts.

“Take Me Away” is another great Usher effort, which was recorded as a single for his album of the year, including the hit single “Take Me Away.” The song is a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Who is it?” From the album Thriller, this is the second single that achieved near super status. Other songs from Thriller have since been certified Platinum and even Gold.

One of Usher’s first hits that achieved moderate success was “Who’s That?” from Thriller. With the help of a great music video, this track went on to become one of the biggest videos of the decade. The chart success of “Who is It?” allowed for the song to go to the top 40 in the United States, where it remained for a full week. Other songs that achieved chart success while featuring Usher’s name such as “Hips Don’t Lie” from the Illmatic album reached the top 40 as well.

Another song that made an impact upon the popular culture was “Xxplosive,” from the Make It Up album. The song reached number three on the U.S. pop vocalists chart. The song was an instant hit and remains to be one of the most recognizable singles in the history of pop vocal music. The music video for this song has become iconic. In addition, the music video for this song was also used in many movies, including the remake of Lawnmower Man.

The sound quality of Usher’s voice is definitely one factor that makes him an effective singer. Many people who have heard his music are quick to comment that he has a unique voice and a lovely way with which he lets it come across. The boy who sings about the car can be compared to the famous Britney Spears of the world. Although she might not be as well know, the way she sells out her music has definitely been inspired by Usher.

Another single that will be remembered by most people when they hear about Usher is “Xxplosive.” This song is also featured on the soundtrack to the movie X-Men. The music video is fantastic and shows off both the man who sings the song and the excellent work that go into making a music video.

For anyone who wants to learn more about the music videos that were nominated during the 2021 Grammys, there is a section on the Best Music Video site that provides information on the songs nominated. For those who would like to see a listing of all the other songs that won’t be appearing on the Grammys, there is a separate site for that. The Grammies is just a celebration of music, the music industry, artists and videos. It is not about politics or ratings.

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