Super 16: Wild crack top 10 in NHL Rankings

Some moving and shaking in the rankings for all NHL teams this past week.  Nashville stays at number one and the Wild make a move up the ladder according to league analysts at  Check out the schedules for some of the top teams here for upcoming games:

Predators Schedule

Lightning Schedule

Maple Leafs Schedule

Bruins Schedule

Winnipeg Jets Schedule

Penguins Schedule

Avalanche Schedule

Sharks Schedule

Capitals Schedule

Wild Schedule

maple leafs schedule

The Nashville Predators and Tampa Bay Lightning are the top two teams in’s Super 16 power rankings for the second consecutive week. The Predators are No. 1, and the Lightning No. 2. We’re hours away from figuring out if that’s the way it should be. Tampa Bay and […]

“Any time you can go against an elite team like Nashville, it’s always great to see where you stand,” Stamkos said. “I’m sure they’re looking at it the same way. From that point, for sure, it’s a big game. It’s still Nov. 1, really early in the season and there is still so much hockey to be played, but absolutely you’re excited to play against a team that has shown in the past couple of years to be a very elite team in this league. You want to see where your team is at.”

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