Sources: Doc Rivers to Meet with 76erson October 1, 2020 at 4:05 am

Then there are the other members of the Best Five. [Gordon] Hayward won’t be opting out of his contract unless he has a long-term extension in place, which will be hard for a 30-year-old with a concerning injury history. Indiana is still home for the Haywards, and with Victor Oladipo looking to move on this offseason, according to sources, and Myles Turner possibly in the same boat, there could be an opportunity for Ainge to move Hayward and the abundance of draft picks in his war chest in a mutually agreeable way. Boston won’t have cap space again with three stars locked up long-term, so moving Hayward or Marcus Smart presents one of the few opportunities to get back a player making starter-caliber money.

Source: Jared Weiss of The Athletic

What’s said in here by @JaredWeissNBA about Oladipo and Turner is accurate. The 2 players most likely to be moved before next season based on my convos. 👇🏽

Source: J. Michael on Twitter

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