Santa Anita Park – Breeders’ Cup 2016

Santa Anita Park: Breeders’ Cup Picks

Friday: 11/4

Race 9


12/1 ml. Recency, pattern, pace.  This 4YO gal is likely to get ignored on the tote with all of the hype and credentials surrounding the three big names in this race.  We like that this filly has only four spins and hasn’t put together a consistent set of performances from a betting standpoint.  She comes in with five strong drills for a trainer 23% off the 60-180 day break and into the toughest dirt race of the year for fillies and mares.  We see this as a bold and confident move.  On figs she is not out of this and has the pace to stay well within range.  We know she is a bit of a bomb here but we are taking a shot this horse runs the race of her life off the little layoff here and mows them down late in the lane.



Saturday: 11/5

Race 3


15/1 ml. Late speed, distance, pattern.  Tossing the last on the yielding at KD maybe she didn’t like it.  Back to very firm green and down the hill where she has fired well before and won.  On figs two turns on the weeds and down the hill she is right there with the favs.  Looking for her to roll home late at a big number.  A little layoff with five sharp drills heading into this G3.

Breeders’ Cup

Race 4


8/1 ml. Recency, pace, pattern.  Won a G1 2nd spin and stretching out, pops two very solid drills since, and ships out for this and now around two turns.  We will jump on board and give her a chance to fire again and bring us with her.


Race 5


8/1 ml. Recency, pace, surface, late speed.  Yup she’s a nibblah but we don’t have a strong feeling in this spin in any way.  This gal has run well going long before and it has been a while since she has had very firm turf and some pace to run at.  Gets both on Saturday.



Race 6


7/2 ml. Recency, speed, pace, pattern.  Some tough older cookies in here but we have a few scratches and a smallish field by BC standards for sure.  Rolling with the 3YO off the long break with the chance to show improvement.  Loves this strip looking for him to go right to the front.  Has fired longer than this which adds to appeal only going 6F here.  7 is a beast no doubt.

Breeders’ Cup

Race 7


12/1 ml. Distance, surface, late speed.  Immensely difficult race taking this lightly raced 4YO that is in very strong form, fresh and rested, and getting Lasix and very firm turf for the first time.


Race 8


5/1 ml. Recency, surface, pattern.  Going right back to him on the same surface and distance and the solid drills since to come in fit and ready.  Wide open race can go a bunch of ways here just giving this guy a shot to show a little improvement off that last and put himself right there down the lane.


Race 9


5/2 ml. Pace, surface, pattern.  Tossing last on yielding.  Gets very firm turf here and some pace.  Low price but might end up third choice on the board.



Race 10


12/1 ml. Distance, surface, late speed.  Going route to sprint and turf to dirt.  Probably ignored on the board which is just what we want.  Has races on dirt at 6.5F, 7F, and 8F that stack up very, very well here.  Off a nice break to freshen up with some sizzling drills we are on board and going for the bomb here.


Race 11


20/1 ml. Recency, pattern, surface.  Taking a little 3YO girl that will likely be a huge bomb on the board facing a huge and very tough field.  We are up against it and we know.  Like the improvement shown in the last two especially the last where she settled and exploded late in a G1.  Maybe she has more improvement to show and could love this very firm turf.  We will ride her and find out.

Jockeys start their race in the Breeder's Cup Dirt Mile Grade 1 race at the Santa Anita racetrack in Arcadia, California, on November 3, 2012, which was won by Corey Nakatani riding Tapizar out of lane 8. AFP PHOTO / Frederic J. BROWN (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

Race 12


1/1 ml. Recency, pace, pattern.





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