Red Sox Home Games: Only 16 Left . . . . . . . But Tons of Opportunity

Red Sox Home Games:  Of the 42 remaining games on the schedule in 2016, only 16 will take place at Fenway Park for the Boston Red Sox.   The Red Sox currently lead MLB in batting average, slugging percentage, on base percentage, and doubles and clearly enjoy the home cooking they receive at Fenway Park.  Can this team grind out a playoff spot with well below half of the games on the schedule at friendly Fenway?

Time will tell, but here’s a look at the games at Fenway Park that remain.  There are indeed great tickets available for all of these games currently.



Red Sox Home Games

August 26 – Kansas City Royals

August 27 – Kansas City Royals

August 28 – Kansas City Royals

August 29 – Tampa Bay Rays

August 30 – Tampa Bay Rays

August 31 – Tampa Bay Rays

September 12 – Baltimore Orioles

September 13 – Baltimore Orioles

September 14 – Baltimore Orioles

September 15 – New York Yankees

September 16 – New York Yankees

September 17 – New York Yankees

September 18 – New York Yankees

September 30 – Toronto Blue Jays

October 1 – Toronto Blue Jays

October 2 – Toronto Blue Jays


Looking at this schedule the good news for Red Sox fans is that these limited home games provide absolutely no excuse for the Red Sox.  These games are filled with opportunity.   Six of sixteen games are against the Orioles and Blue Jays so it is an opportunity to knock out the exact teams in direct contention in the AL East.  The other ten games are against teams that have struggled this season in the Kansas City Royals, Tampa Bay Rays, and New York Yankees. 


The Boston Red Sox have no excuses at this point.   Although only 16/42 games down the stretch are at home, the home games that are on the schedule provide nothing but great opportunities.

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