Ranking the Prospects Traded During the 2020 Deadlineon September 1, 2020 at 2:05 pm

Ranking the Prospects Traded During the 2020 Deadline

The closing bell rang on the trade deadline yesterday and, as always, many prospects were moved. I have the young players traded since early this month ranked below. Most of the deals these prospects were a part of were analyzed at length on this site. Those pieces can be found here, or by clicking the hyperlink in the “From” column below. I’ve moved all of the players below to their new orgs over on The Board, so you can click through and see where they rank among their new teammates; our farm rankings, which now update live, also reflect these changes, so you can see where teams’ systems stack up post-deadline.

A couple quick notes before I get to the order. The evaluations of players at the very bottom of the list (35 FV prospects) who weren’t on offseason prospect lists at all are subject to change as I continue to learn more about them. Follow the FanGraphs Prospects Twitter account or go to fangraphs.com/prospects for updates. Also, I’ve included a couple of post-prospect players in the order so you can get an idea of where I value them now as opposed to at their prospect peak. Both players, former top 100 guys, are highlighted in orange below.

The number of players above constitutes roughly 60% of the prospects who were named and traded at last year’s deadline. The gap was made up by Players to Be Named Later, a count of which I have provided below. This does not include deals for which the players involved have been reported (technically, Julio Frias is a PTBNL but we know he’s headed to Arizona, so he’s in the above table), and instead includes only the PTBNL we don’t know the identities of, dating back to the start of the season when the Padres traded a PTBNL to Oakland for Jorge Mateo. In instances where we’re unsure whether the deal will involve a player or cash, a dollar sign ($) denotes that it might be the latter.

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