Patriots Super Bowl Dream Team . . . . . . . . . Can They Survive the Slow Drip of Injuries?

Patriots Super Bowl: Heading into this 2016 season it looked like the Patriots were assembling a potential super team if new addition at TE Martellus Bennett created the two-TE monster the team was looking for since the arrest, conviction, and incarceration of TE Aaron Hernandez.  The defense rounded into form last year with the emergence of CB Malcom Butler, LB D’Onta Hightower, and LB Jamie Collins.  An improved defense with a more diversified offense appeared to be a very potent combination in the making assuming the offensive line problems would find solutions with the return of coaching legend Dante Scarnecchia.  At this point though any logical Patriots fan has to be concerned with the injuries piling up.

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Aside from losing QB Tom Brady to a four game suspension to start the season, the Patriots now move forward with RB Dion Lewis facing another knee surgery and OL Sebastian Vollmer heading to injured reserve. Last season the Patriots lost both tackles in Sebastian Vollmer and Nate Solder and never seemed to recover fully only to be exposed substantially in the AFC Championship game.  The Denver Broncos defense simply manhandled the offensive line of the New England Patriots.

Patriots Super Bowl – A few weeks ago we took a look at these questions in the following piece:

Regardless of how this shakes out the bigger issue is this: how will the Patriots slog their way through the regular season and keep Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, and Dion Lewis healthy for the payoff push and run? Every player on the team is important and injuries to any of them hurt but we all know the Patriot offense just isn’t the same without one of the three mentioned above present not to mention the difference when two or more of them are out. 

It is perfectly reasonable at this point to doubt if Dion Lewis will see action this season. The talented pass grabbing gem at RB has a consistent history of injury problems and blew out an ACL last season.  Julian Edelman tweaked his foot earlier in training camp and Jabal Sheard has missed time with an undisclosed injury as well.  The reality is these injuries are starting to pile up.

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Regardless of how the injury situation plays out one thing is for certain: this Patriots and NFL season promises to be filled with excitement.  What will happen when the team takes the field with Jimmy G at QB for the first four games?  What happens if Jimmy G plays either quite well or exceptionally well?  Can the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins combine to finally wear down and topple the Patriots?  Time will tell and the games will be must see action for all.

Don’t be surprised to see the New England Patriots attempt to employ a strategy that seeks a Division Title and as many wins as possible . . . . . . but not at the expense of losing more key players.

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