Patriots Keep Pulling Pocket Aces?

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2019:  The old punter is out and a new rocket leg guy is in.  The QB is pushing 45ish and Edelman is out with another injury.  Gronk “retired” for now.  So, the whole season is ruined, right?  Stay tuned.  Watch out for LB Hightower and his new physique and conditioning.  He should have a monster season.


Patriots:  Everyone is well aware that the NFL suspended QB Tom Brady for four games this season the New England Patriots lost a first round draft pick.  These two actions taken by the league centered on the concept of how much air was or was not deflated from footballs and the circumstances surrounding such in a league where every QB and kicker worth his salt is manipulating the footballs to their liking each and every week.


However, what some may not be noticing is how the Patriots seem to be consistently drawing pocket aces this season.  Yes, the loss of Tom Brady for the opening quarter mile was significant, but it may have actually helped the team quite a bit.  Brady is fresh and healthy having avoided hits for a few games and extremely motivated to rub his potential success in everyone’s face.  The Patriots were able to learn how to “live without Brady” and get some crucial development time for Jimmy G and the rookie Jacoby Brissett.


Beyond the QB situation let’s take a look at how things have shaped up for Beli and his crew:

  • In Week 1 they face a “Super Bowl Contender” Arizona team on the road and Zona misses a very reasonable FG attempt for the win and the Patriots win the game. Looking back now Arizona is not all that great of a team so this “huge test on the road” perhaps was not as intimidating as first anticipated.
  • In a Thursday night game at home using the rookie Brissett at QB the Pats completely dominate an absolutely lifeless Houston Texans team trying to play not to lose but instead playing in a way that gave them no chance to win.
  • The Bills embarrass the Patriots at home and leave Foxboro fat and happy and very cocky. This could be a very GOOD thing for the Patriots as it can provide more motivation and the much desired “wake-up call” in a long season that is a marathon and not a sprint.
  • Denver inserts a rookie QB that looks great but ends up injured. Denver’s head coach is also battling health issues.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals visit Foxboro in a matchup that on paper looked like a “tough game” when the schedule was published. The Bengals make a mess of a first and goal situation in the first half and leave with nothing, can’t move the ball consistently, get sacked for a safety, and completely lose their composure late in an eventual Patriots blowout victory.
  • Just as the Patriots head into the most challenging part of their schedule the Pittsburgh Steelers lose QB Ben Roethlisberger to a knee injury which will force him to miss the Steelers hosting the Patriots on 10/23 and perhaps much more. The Patriots dodge a bullet (not to say they could not win that game but it is catching a break) and also see a MVP caliber player in the AFC go down with an injury.
  • Although the Bills are currently on a hot streak the AFC East yet again appears to be well within reach for the Patriots. The Jets are terrible right now and swapping QBs and the Miami Dolphins are mediocre at best.
  • Heading into Week 7 Bills star RB Le Sean McCoy is starting to encounter legitimate injury problems.  



This is not to say that the Patriots are not very good because they are an excellent team. But, let’s be honest and acknowledge that a handful of things seem to be bouncing their way so far this season.  Karma returning the favor for having to deal with the DeflateGate nonsense?  Perhaps.

There is that nagging issue of the FG kicker not being on top of his game for quite a while now though . . . . . . . . .


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