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NFL Picks: It’s Week 2 in the NFL and for “entertainment purposes only” we’ll roll out a couple more that caught our eye.  Cowboys failure to get into the endzone and eat up a ton of clock resulting in FGs hurt our chances on that over play last week.  On to Week 2!  Good luck!

Week 1: 1-1

Two for this week:

Tennessee Titans +6

  • This appears to be a chance to grab some value after a possible excessive reaction to Week 1. Seems like folks are highly impressed with the Detroit Lions.
  • Last week the Titans gave up two defensive touchdowns and turned the ball over three times while also failing to register a sack. If they can clean that up this week especially the defensive TDs then that helps them tremendously in getting inside this number.
  • Lions did win and did score a lot of points but what about their defense? That defense got lit up like a Christmas tree. Mariota was solid at QB last week and is working nicely with Demarco Murray. Titans could put a few on the board and control the clock.
  • Last thing an underachieving team like Detroit needs is an inflated sense of self-worth in their home opener against a team “they should beat”. We like the setup here for the Titans and love the +6 assuming they don’t give away 14 points in less than thirty seconds like they did in Week 1.


Oakland Raiders -4.5

  • This game looks like a potential meltdown scenario for the Atlanta Falcons. They lost a game in Week 1 they think they should have won and now they have to travel all the way across the country and face a non-conference opponent.
  • The opposite may be true for Oakland. Oakland is feeling great after their coach had them go for the two point conversion and the win on the road in Week 1. They are loving their offensive flow and realize they have work to do on defense.
  • Atlanta gave up a ton of passing yards and production to Tampa Bay in Week 1 and now faces a potent Oakland attack. Oakland can also run the ball effectively and Atlanta struggles defending the run.
  • Julio Jones played in week 1 and will play this week but he is clearly not at full strength. The Atlanta running game from early last year looks like a distant memory at this point.
  • Look for Raiders DE Mack to get going this week and for the Raiders to create problems for the Atlanta running game.




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