Keshe Pain Pens – How Long Before NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL Players Use These?

Keshe Pain Pens are becoming more readily available by the week with shipping times to the United States rapidly improving.  Is it just a matter of time before Keshe Pain Pens are found in every NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL locker room and in use by players?  What about all of the college and high school athletes and other people with chronic pain?  Here is a testimonial from a user submitted in May of 2016 only available within the internal Keshe system available to authorized distributors:


I am in shock. Day 4. The last two mornings I’ve awakened PAIN FREE. Getting out of bed is, well–a pain.

Yesterday, the pain slipped back, so I used the pen again.

Today, my spine is not hurting at all. This is unbelievable. Arthritis from neck to tailbone, including hip/spine congenital malformation–now relieved of all pain.

I actually trimmed two small trees and did a bit of yard clean-up this morning and now sit here perusing the web, without the agony that typically follows any exercise.

 I’m ready to cry I’m so happy.

 A specific spinal issue has been plaguing me for forty years and arthritis has begun to prevent any sort of heavy exercise–I’m 67 physically. I’m 35 otherwise. 

 I plan to revert physically. Hahahaa. You never know . . . .

I look forward to receiving the pain pad, too!

Thank you, a thousand times. And, a thousand blessings upon you and the Keshe Foundation.


 XXXX (name withheld)

This certainly makes one wonder how long it will take before athletes at all levels of competition but specifically at the professional level start at least trying the Keshe devices.  Professional teams of course have vast resources and chronic pain and the grueling schedules in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB are all a major challenge for even elite athletes.

Beyond that it certainly appears as though there is building evidence suggesting that millions of people can potentially benefit from new methods to treat pain.  If you are interested in obtaining Keshe Pain Pens from an authorized distributor you can email the following:

Note: This piece is a contributing piece from an authorized Keshe Foundation distributor with authorized access to all product information.




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