Jamie Collins Takes Shot at Defensive POY for the New England Patriots

As a fan watching the New England Patriots games it just feels like Jamie Collins is on the cusp of breaking out in a very big way.  Ok, maybe saying it “feels like” a player is heading in a certain direction isn’t the most sophisticated for of analysis, but the athleticism and playmaking displayed by Collins well . . . . . . makes it feel like he is heading to stardom.


Coming off a Pro Bowl selection in 2015 the first priority for Collins will be to remain healthy.  Collins played just 12 games in 2015 in the regular season and frankly the raw, mainstream stats are good but not phenomenal.  Collins registered 89 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 6 passes defensed, 1 interception, and 5 forced fumbles, but his impact on the game goes way beyond the raw statistics most fans understand.  His ability to cover receivers, rush the passer, and slam down ball carriers all within the same series or set of downs makes him a standout on the defense for the New England Patriots and capable of more than most linebackers in the NFL.

Jamie Collins fits in very nice with other young, emerging defensive starts for the New England Patriots such as Hightower and Malcolm Butler.  In fact, the Patriots traded Chandler Jones in part to try and ensure they have the cap room to sign all of these defensive contributors.

Jamie Collins is a 26 year old OLB entering his fourth season and importantly playing with essentially the same coaching staff.  If he can stay healthy could he register 10+ sacks, 3+ picks, and 7+ forced fumbles?  He has the ability to do so and staying healthy will be the key.  Tune in to find out if Jamie Collins can make a run at Defensive Player of the Year and help the New England Patriots get back to the Super Bowl.

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