How To Plan an EDM Music Festival Wedding

How To Plan an EDM Music Festival Wedding

If you and your partner are deep into the festival scene, it only makes sense to make it a part of your big day—especially if you met at a music fest! Here are a few tips to help you plan the EDM music festival wedding of your dreams.

Check Out Your Options     

There are many ways to plan a festival wedding. First, consider if you want to get married at a festival or host a festival-themed wedding. A themed wedding will allow for a bigger guest count and a slightly more conventional feel. If you’d rather elope or have a micro wedding, a festival wedding might be perfect.

Several festivals, such as EDC, Electric Forest, and Shambhala, offer wedding packages. They take much of the planning off your shoulders, so they are great options if you have the budget.

Even if you go the traditional route, it only makes sense to host the wedding outdoors since you’re choosing a festival theme. Create your own personal festival grounds with lighting and décor! The day will be absolutely electric.

Choose Themed Elements

Whether you’ll be planning an afterparty to celebrate with family, inviting guests to the festival, or hosting an all-inclusive event, you need to choose your invitations and décor.

You could send out the traditional card in an envelope. Choose a fun theme that matches your festival aesthetic. Alternatively, you could make invitations that look like tickets or wristbands! These special “backstage passes” could be great keepsakes for your family and friends to remember an unforgettable night.

You have infinite options for décor, but lighting is an essential element. If you want lighting that emulates the EDM or rave scene, you’ll need to communicate that to your lighting vendor, as festival lighting isn’t what most couples are looking for. Lighting is usually bundled in with a DJ/MC package, so check into that before seeking out a specialized vendor.

Hire Musicians

What’s a festival without music? You’ll need to decide what kind of musicians you’d like to hire. A live band playing your favorite genre of music is always a great option, as is a great DJ. Unlike most weddings, the musicians will be a focal point of your day, so be sure to create a stage for them in a central location.

An EDM music festival wedding is sure to be an unforgettable memory, no matter how you decide to plan it. Best of luck, and congratulations!


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