Effectively Wild Episode 1586: Duke it OutBen Lindberghon September 4, 2020 at 1:15 am

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about a Giants fun fact, two home run facts that may or may not be fun, the ways in which the circumstances of his era shaped the late Tom Seaver’s legacy, and the latest highlights of extra-innings baseball, then answer listener emails about another possible implementation of the automatic-runner rule and what qualifies as an “insurance run,” plus Stat Blasts about the players who use the most baseballs, Cameron Maybin and other players traded repeatedly by one team, and the records for consecutive pitches of each type.

Audio intro: Led Zeppelin, “Poor Tom
Audio outro: Cat Le Bon, “Duke

Link to Steven Goldman on Seaver
Link to Jay Jaffe on Seaver
Link to story about trading Seaver
Link to Seaver’s no-hitter
Link to Russell Carleton on Gallo bunting
Link to Mike Temple’s Stat Blast Song cover
Link to post about Carmel card
Link to spreadsheet of players dealt by one team
Link to spreadsheet of consecutive-pitch throwers
Link to Sam on fastball-reliant pitchers

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