Blue Jays Let David Price Go to Red Sox . . . . . . . . Go 18-5 With His Replacement

Blue Jays and Red Sox David Price Comparison:

After helping the Toronto Blue Jays substantially last season, David Price entered free agency facing the possibility of staying in Toronto or looking elsewhere. Ultimately Price landed with the Red Sox with an absurdly ridiculous seven year deal paying him $31 Million/year, but folks might lose sight of what happened to Toronto operating without David Price. That is a fascinating question indeed.

Blue Jays TICKETS:

The Blue Jays decided to lean on JA Happ rather than making a serious effort to compete with the insane salary demands required by the free agency feeding frenzy surrounding David Price. All teams in MLB, the Red Sox included, don’t necessarily deserve the blame for high salaries as they have to compete on a relative basis no matter what.  However, let’s face it paying a pitcher $31 Million/year for seven years is not only a very expensive business transaction but also a very risky one.


JA Happ is currently firing away for Toronto with a 16-3 record and a 2.96 era. He is an extremely viable and legitimate candidate for the Cy Young award in the American League.  But, it gets better (or worse for Red Sox fans). The Toronto Blue Jays are a sizzling 18-5 in games started by JA Happ.  18-5!  Think that might have an impact on the AL East race?

The Boston Red Sox are 11-13 when David Price starts.

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